Tom Jewell-Vitale • Dubuque, IA • Oil and Acrylic

I like to invent spaces where objects are moored in an atmosphere; floating, absorbed, adrift, isolated, comfortably nestled, centered. These objects could be you or me; yet it is the atmosphere which gives them their meaning just as context does for our lives. I hope people can identify with the necessity that they are part of their surroundings and, whether they are nourished or estranged by their surroundings, remember how formative they are.

I have seen handiwork of others that has inspired me to challenge myself in ways I never could have imagined. Inspiration comes in all forms. I know that what attracts me to some things and not others are the little glimpses of truth I decipher.


truth comes in the awareness of things well made, other times, in the turn of a sincere phrase; most often, just a fragment will do to catapult an avalanche.


Little gifts, embedded in all sorts of careful human production, revealed daily, are all I look forward to; such an elegantly subversive cosmic plan that inspires others, bit by bit, to evolve into the change they will become.

I make paintings in which shapes are tied intimately to their surroundings. The shapes nourish this environment- and it absorbs them. Their edges are the extensions which tell the story of their allegiances; hidden, nestled, alone, adrift, consumed - and like you and me, their connections make them who they are.

Masada III, oil/wax/acrylic on paper


Vespers, oil/wax/acrylic on paper

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