Sharon Stelter • Sherwood, WI • Ceramic Sculpture

My artwork allows me to express myself in ways that I cannot with words. At this time clay is the medium that best allows me to give meaning to my ideas. I love the feel and enjoy the process of manipulating clay; pushing and pulling the clay as far as possible, bending and twisting clay in ways I was unable to do a few years ago.

My husband and I call Sherwood, Wisconsin home. Sherwood is located in east central Wisconsin by High Cliff State Park and Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin's largest lake. The beautiful natural surroundings are a constant inspiration for my work.



Simple shapes, graceful curves and textures define my artwork. Graceful lines and forms are the starting point of my ideas and the end goal in my sculptures. The animal and bird sculptures as well as my abstract work are inspired by nature. My animal and bird sculptures would never live in nature but are imaginative creatures that draw their spirited character from real life.


I prefer not to work directly from nature or photos, but work best when I let my mind process and refine images I have seen. The result is a simple sketch which is the starting point of each sculpture. Many details are eliminated but I use texture to help define the form and give depth to the surface.

My artwork is a constant search for that perfect form, the more elegant line, the more interesting texture. Looking at my sculptures it is easy to see how one idea leads to another. I have become increasingly interested in how one sculpture interacts with another. When I see people laugh and smile when viewing my art work I feel very rewarded.

Each sculpture is an original design. My work is hand built hollow from slabs and coils of stoneware clay. Each piece is kiln fired twice. An iron oxide wash between firings gives each piece its color. Sculptures can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors in moderate weather.

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