Ryan Myers • Madison, WI • Clay Sculpture

From the very beginnings of mankind, civilizations have produced some sort of figurative works in clay. The work tells us about their everyday lives, their hopes, their fears, and cherished deities. The figure in art has limitless possibilities and is a subject matter that everyone can relate too.

From my very first attempts to create art I have always been attracted to the human form. I have always been interested in history and the intimacy of small objects that seem to carry a unique story and hidden value.


Growing up, my Father was interested in Native American artifacts and antiques. As a child, I remember thinking of these things as treasures. I was attracted to the intimate qualities of the smaller objects: the textures of rusty iron, crawling paint on old furniture, and even the musty smell of various old objects.

Throughout my collegiate career my focus was on ceramic sculpture and on the figure. I come from eight and a half years of art making in a university setting. My primary focus has always been in ceramics, both pottery and sculpture.

Most recently, I have been working at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin as an adjunct professor. I have also been working as a studio potter and sculptor for four years: showing in galleries and selling my work at art festivals.


My current work is an attempt to make my sculpture into functional pottery. The pots are created using a combination of thrown and hand-building processes. Many pieces are fired multiple times to achieve my desired effect.

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