Winter Rye • Berwyn, IL • Ceramic & Metal

Patrice and Barbara are the founders of Winter Rye, a studio dedicated to creating well-crafted objects for the home that enhance the rituals of ordinary life.  They are committed to making their goods affordable, while honoring the labor of the individual worker.

Proudly based in Berwyn, Illinois, they live and work and garden out of a Chicago style bungalow that they share with an orange cat named Oz.


Patrice Murtha began working in clay over 20 years ago. In her basement studio, she throws on an old Brent wheel with an eye toward simple, refined designs that are – first and foremost – functional. A wide range of familiar Midwest imagery inspires her dinnerware: grain silos; “L” girders; oilcans; skyscrapers. She finishes with glazes that reflect the colors of that landscape – both natural and urban.

Barbara Korbel enjoys the mathematical precision that is the groundwork of the weaving process. In her attic studio, she designs and weaves cloth, sourcing traditional patterns from Scots-Irish and Scandinavian weavers. Her hand woven table linens complement the colors and forms of Winter Rye pottery. On days when she wants to work with fire, she forms sheets of silver and brass into the spoons that accompany Winter Rye bowls and cups.

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