Jonathan Simons Kempton, PA • Cherry Spoons & Utensils

“Wooden spoons are some of the simplest tools in our homes, yet have an unlimited variety of uses and designs to explore. My collection of handcrafted cherry wood utensils has evolved over 35 years of experimentation in the woodshop and kitchen--use them at the stove or on the table.

Moonspoons are designed by husband and wife team Jonathan and Julia Simons. Jonathan's life's work is wood spoon design; Julia creates graphic images. Designing beautiful spoons, they work together in a little shop deep in the woods of Pennsylvania.



"The moon casts its brilliant light through the trees and inspires our designs. The stark beauty of contrast and silhouette emerges from the moonlit night. We interpret this graphic imagery in fine cherry wood creating elegant serving utensils inspired by moonlight."

I hope you will enjoy the balance, function and quality I have built into every utensil and that they will serve you with pleasure for many years.”



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