Michael Cohen • Pelham, MA • Tiles

For 44 years I have been a professional potter making functional stoneware bowls, mugs, and trays etc. In 1997 I created a line of tiles that have become extremely popular. So popular that I had to stop making my wholesale line of pots and devote myself to making only tiles. There are 36 different designs. Some designs come and go, others have become perennial best sellers.

The designs are hand carved into clay stamps. The stamps are pressed into soft clay and cut into tile shapes. When the clay is stiff, the edges are rounded off and a small indentation is cut into the back for hanging. Each tile is stamped with my name and the year.
The dry tiles are bisque fired, then glazed with my bright blue glaze. A piece of clear glass is placed on top of the design; and then the tiles are fired a second time to 2300 degrees. At the high temperature the glass melts into the glaze, highlighting the design and creating the watery turquoise color.
The most fun in the process is creating the new stamps. For each new stamp in the line there are 6 that don't make the cut. Stamps are usually made in several versions until they look just right.

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