Metal Petal by Sondra Gerber• Elkhorn, NE • Alum Sculpture

After graduating from Colorado Art Institute in 1994, Sondra Gerber began to explore several areas of three-dimensional design, utilizing a variety of mediums.  In 1998, she found her flame when she began working with metal and when she took her first welding class in 2001.

Sondra’s sculptures have intricately cut designs that are then carved with reflective patterns and textures and often dyed with transparent powder-coating and dyes for color variety beyond the metals’ airy silver color. 


Pieces are drawn, ground with a hand held grinder & manually bent & assembled by the artist. Larger pieces are signed.

Carefully planning out the positive and negative uses of space, Sondra’s pieces both reflect light and cast shadows that are just as artful as the piece itself. Arranging multiple layers of images challenges the spectator to look beyond the surface. This is the hallmark of her work. 


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