Lynn & Karl Berg Dubuque, IA • Repurposed Flatware Jewelry

Lynn and Karl Berg are a husband and wife team. They started creating silverware jewelry in 2013 after attending an auction and bid on a mixed lot that included silverplate spoons.

Always up for a challenge and ways to repurpose items, Lynn and Karl did some research and decided to create unique one-of-a-kind jewelry from the vintage designs.



Karl is the muscle and does the shaping and hammering then gives Lynn the rough form. Lynn does the finishing work; buffing, sanding, and assembling.

She has been banned from drilling the holes; she breaks too many drill bits in the process!



Lynn is a graphic designer by trade who earned her BFA in painting with a minor in art history from Clarke University. Karl is a small engine technician with extensive knowledge of metals and metalworking as well as small, intricate parts.

All of their jewelry is from silverplate flatware. The base metal is usually an alloy of nickel or brass, a very hard metal with a plating of sterling silver


Some pieces have a thick sterling plate, while others are worn through, creating an aged effect. Pure sterling silver is a very soft metal so some of the intricate designs will wear more quickly. Silverplate flatware keeps the cost down and is more plentiful. Any leather that is used on their jewelry is from upholstery scraps. 

Together they believe in repurposing items and not wasting materials.



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