Lori Biwer Stewart Osage, IA • Linocut

I was born and raised outside the small town of Elma in Northeast Iowa. My family lived on the family farm alongside my grandparents, who were a huge creative influence during my childhood. I now reside and maintain a studio in Osage, Iowa, with my husband and son.


After graduating from Hawkeye Technical College with a degree in commercial art I went to work in various fields in the graphic design and publishing industry. These skills have been a valuable addition to my artwork.

I feel that my message, my design and my illustration of movement are the most important aspects in my work. My work is a conversation between the educated self and the subconscious mind of the dreamer. I strive to bring my own experiences, emotions and spirituality into a surrealistic format with which others can identify and connect.


Little Wbite Lies
Lino Print


Fish Dreams
Lino Print

Block printing is an artistic expression like no other. I think block printing creates a very strong presence that helps me express my thoughts as accurately as possible. The subject matter must be simplified, as there are no gray tones and the cut of the knife creates a primitive feel that only adds to the intent of the message being communicated.

I invite you to use your imagination when viewing my work, to form your own relationships and responses; to reflect on your own personal trials.


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