Kevin Pearson • Franksville, WI • Raku

I have made wheel thrown pottery for over 40 years. My interests have ranged from porcelain to stoneware, but the focus has always been in the flowing lines that highlight the form of each piece.

My exploration back into raku has been rewarding and, as always, a learning experience.

I continue to be excited by the contrast of the black and white of the raku technique, the uninterrupted flowing lines of the form and the simplicity of the gold leaf.

Kevin uses the naked raku technique for decorating the outside surfaces of his pieces. 


The pieces with leaves or other flora are made by masking around the design and then applyling slip onto the rest of the pot. 

His pots are fired in a kiln and then while red-hot are placed into a metal can filled with paper and sawdust.

The vessel ignites the combustibles and smoke and carbon is imbued into the surface. 


After the pots cool they are removed from the can and the slip is peeled and burnished off, revealing a stark, black design and crackle patterns against the white surface of the pot. 

He then applies a gold leaf product and seals the entire pot.


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