Kenneth Pillsworth Martha's Vineyard, MA

Mixed Metal Jewelry

Mixed Metals

This collection being my first, the mixed metal series has seen the most growth and change over the years. My motivation stems from a strong technical background and the desire to create work that is simple and innovative. The work in this series is constructed from a combination of assorted metals including brass, titanium, niobium, sterling silver, copper and 14K yellow gold.

The inspiration for the layering of such unconventional materials comes from the desire to create many compositions in color, shape, and texture in a simple form. The use of rivets and other cold connections serve a dual role, as both an integral design element as well as performing a simple function.

The anodized aluminum series is ultimately an extension of the mixed metal series with the focus placed solely upon color and contrast. By simplifying the basic elements in each design and removing the component of texture, I am able to focus more completely on the subtleties of color itself. Gem stones are a common introduction of color, in this case I sought something that stayed within the confines of my minimalist design and yet remains distinctive. With the multitude of color combinations available in anodized aluminum, the possibilities are endless.

Anodized Aluminum


Titanium and Sterling


The newest line, the titanium and sterling series is an exciting new look for me. The steel gray color of the titanium coupled with the cool matt finish of the sterling silver creates a rich, modern look. Because the melting point for Titanium is so high, the use of rivets and carious cold connections are essential. These techniques serve not only a practical purpose, but have become a component of the design element as well.

The durability and light weight properties of Titanium have enabled me to explore larger pieces. By removing the element of color and limiting the textures involved, this body of work is about focusing on the subtleties of form and shape


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