John McGee • Sun Prairie, WI • Oil Painting

John F. McGee is an artist very much  influenced by his native Midwest.

His compositions are a mirror of a land that changes with the seasons, giving, then resting, in gray, then in green. They beckon the viewer to marvel at something as simple as a feather, or as complicated as a field that stretches forever to the horizon.

"My brand of art has always been realism. It is who I am.  It is simple, yet complicated and subject to change. My     artwork is filled with the sights and sounds of the Midwest, from flowing rivers to fields being tended. "


"What I do is very much a reflection of who I am. I grew up and was educated in the Midwest. Upon receiving my Masters of Art from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls Iowa, I moved to the mountains of Colorado, and spent a number of years producing art there, after which my wife and son and I decided to return to the Midwest to be near family."

Sky Sentinel
oil on canvas


Hillside Sentinel
oil on canvas




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