Joel Knanishu • Rock Island, IL • stoneware

My work is almost entirely wheel thrown, high-fired reduction stoneware, both functional and decorative I place a lot of  emphasis on good functionality and want my pots to have          visual appeal, be pleasant to pick up, and comfortable to use.

I use matte and clear gloss glazes with a variety of decorative surface treatment including banding, slip trailing, stamping, mishima, and scraffito.

I make nearly all of my own hand tools and stamps, and blend my own clay in order to personalize my style, while following the long tradition of pottery. The only  mechanical help I get is the motor on my pottery wheel. 


My work is influenced and inspired by Karl Christiansen, as well as the folk pottery of East Tennessee, where I maintained a studio from the 70's to the 90's. I had worked as an artist in residence for the Tennessee Arts Commission for two years after finishing school, I think the folk traditions there influenced my style, which along with Karl Christiansen’s inspiration is what I see in my work and set up my own shop after that, in Dandridge, Tenn.

At present, I am working in a group studio in Rock Island, collaborating and cooperating with several other potters, all working independently in various clays and firing techniques. 

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