Jane Chukas • Galena, IL • Painting


I largely work with oil pastel on  a black surface, generally on hand prepared pastel board or watercolor paper.  Some new work is acrylic or oil on a variety of surfaces. 

I continually experiment with different mediums and grounds.  I began my working career in music.  As time has gone by I have discovered a new love--visual art. 



But I bring music with me.  Tone, color, rhythm, melody all appear in a painting in different form.  But I didn't know that until I started to paint.  What a surprise to discover 'ya gotta have rhythm!'  I have certain goals in art and whether they are achieved is up to the viewer.  I think because I started as a performer before an audience, my audience is still important to me. 

I see art as a communication between the artist and viewer or listener.  I want them to see what I see. Love what I love.  Laugh when I laugh. 

Three AM, oil pastel

Germantown II , oil pastel


I strive for an emotional connection through a visual language.  What fun!  I think it is important to find a 'first voice'.  That is not painting what you think you should.  Not overlaying it with some definition of art.  That's up to the viewer anyway. 

Someone important whose name escapes me at the moment said, "in the end, enthusiasm is more important than discipline."  It is the artist's main job to find that enthusiasm.I am self taught. Music was my first form of artistic expression. Nine years ago, I began making visual art.

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