Gordon Kellenberger • High Amana, IA • Pastel

My inspiration comes from what I know best; the landscape of the upper Midwest region that offers an endless variety of changing light, color and countryside. I tend to simplify my subjects and infuse them with bright and fresh colors. The resulting intensity and richness convey my delight in painting and my desire to express "something good about rural life."

My work begins with a sound structure or composition. Here I concentrate on a strong focal point in addition to repeated patterns and appealing shapes.


Next my artistic efforts turn to contrasting the elements of design, placing light against dark values, warm against cool colors, sharp against soft edges, rough against smooth textures and organic against geometric shapes.

These pursuits along with the immediacy and intensity of the pastel medium make pastel painting both challenging and enjoyable.

Shadowed Barn with Bales


Bridge Road Run

Gordon is full time painter and potter. He graduated with a degree in art from the University of Northern Iowa in 1965.

He is a former art teacher and founder of the Amana Arts Guild. In the early 80's he started the Art Iowa Workshops for artists and educators which still continue today.

Gordon is a past recipient of the Iowa Arts Council's Iowa Art Award, which honors individuals for their commitment to excellence in the arts.

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