George Lowe • Decorah, IA • Stoneware

Within the realm of handmade pottery, it becomes possible to speak of sacred things. The spirit of the vessel, and of the materials and process. Spirit brings life and energy into the work. It is this that inspires me to spin the clay into useful shapes that can bring pleasure to someone else.

I practice over and over the dance with the clay becoming a vessel. I enjoy the physical nature of wet clay and the transformation into a vitrified object.

After 34 years as a potter, I am still excited about the potential in making the next piece and cannot resist peeking into a hot kiln load of fresh work.

I work alone in my studio and produce all of the work myself. I want my work to be relevant, connected to the past but still current. I am inspired by ancient pottery styles and folk pottery traditions. I love to create shapes that are intended to be used and handled. I want the work to be inviting and tactile.

I try to create glaze effects that have a wide variety of subtle variation and textures to create interest and detail.

Handled forms and lidded forms encourage interaction. Pouring vessels suggest a gesture of giving and the action of serving. Lidded forms invite one to look inside. Bowls, cups, and plates, enhance the meal which sustains life.

The world needs art. I am happy to be a part of this wondrous activity as a potter. If I can add some pleasure to the world transmitted through my hands into a meaningful object then I have been successful.


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