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Gary David’s inspiration for hand crafting furniture began in the 1980's.  He discovered the studio furniture movement when he and his wife jumped head first into the art culture of New York City. 

In 1988, David purchased 20 acres of mature forest in Southwest Wisconsin.  It was filled with over 21 various species of Native hardwoods, including White Oak, Black Walnut, Red Elm and Ash.  Since then, the damaged and dying trees are harvested annually, keeping his warehouse stocked with a wealth and variety of material to choose from.  The wood for his furniture is acclimated in his climate-controlled shop or dried in his "Nyle" dehumidification kiln. 


David works by himself, ensuring quality and consistency of workmanship.  Each piece evolves with thoughtful consideration allowing him the opportunity to make subtle changes if necessary.  He has developed a unique design format by building in layers of continuous bands rather than in box shapes.   Slicing the wood in every conceivable manner has gained him an immeasurable understanding of trees and the wood they provide. 


"I harvest from my 20 acre woodlot for the wood I use to make my furniture. The tables I make from this wood function in a variety of ways depending on their height and length."

There are generally three major components to every table I create, the top slab, and two styles of legs. 

The top is a “natural edge” slab displaying the universal beauty of wood.  Structural defects or cracks are embellished and repaired with a “butterfly joint” adding story and visual interest to the design.

Some legs are carved and shaped in a manner to suggest action or movement, offering a touch of humor with their animalistic shape.

Turned wooden legs charged with vivid color are the third component of my tables.  The combination of natural wood and intense color is striking; a whimsical feast for the eyes.

Gary David, his wife, and his son Tyler live in Potosi, Wisconsin.




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