Ellen Henkels • Dubuque, IA • Felted Pins and Silk Scarves

The work that I make is a result of years of love of fiber and color. In college I was a painting major using acrylic, oil and it was there that I learned to love the idea of design and how color can affect the viewer as well as the creator. 

After teaching art for the Dubuque Community Schools for over 20 years, I was free to create what fully motivated me.


When I discovered tufts of colored wool from local and far off lands; I had the same reaction as when I discovered the joy of working with silk. 

What can I do with this? 

I started to hand felt the tufts using a barbed needle. 


The whole process is so creative and free at the same time because the material is impossible to get “tight” and only allows for a looseness of design and an abstraction that does not come as easily to me as with paint. 

As I work on them my mind wanders and comes up with interesting patterns that are cerebral and intuitive. 

I hope you enjoy them.


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