Elizabeth Eagle • Dubuque, IA • Oil Painting

By exploring ideas of myth and existence, I am creating a series of abstract works that juxtapose stillness and movement.

My work began with an interpretation of American Indian myth and folklore, and gradually moved into a search for my own personal myth and idea of existence. My paintings work through an abstract narrative while composition, placement of colour, and texture play an important role in my aesthetic and sensibility as an artist.

As I continue to think of death and existence as myth, pomegranates, as a lush and evocative fruit capable of bleeding, emerge in my work, symbolizing birth and death. A flock of birds, depicted as vertical rectangles, are held inside a shape surrounded by absolute stillness, in movement yet stationary, becoming an energy existing in a place of hope which appears unattainable.

It is important to me for my work to portray a sense of hope, a sanguine energy, and optimistic view.

As my artwork progresses, I plan to continue to explore ideas of myth and existence, furthering the search for new levels of vision, and an understanding of how myth and existence affects our reality and culture today.

Lake Ripley III (Standing)

Oil on Canvas


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