Doug Gethmann Gladbrook, IA • Hand-forged Knives

Through the art of knife making I create a variety of knives that are not only artistic but practical, knives for the hunter, the fisherman, the culinary specialist.

Each of my knives has its own charastics and purpose. A filet knife for example must be flexible, a hunter must be rigid and tough, and a bread knife must be capable of slicing warm fresh bread without smashing the loaf.

The chemical compostition, hardness, toughness, flexibility, thickness, and shape of the steel blade is fundamental to the performance of the finished knife.

Some of the most common blade materials I prefer to use are 1095 Hi-Carbon, 440-C Surgical Steel, ATS-34, D-2 Carpenter and of course, the beautiful and unique layered Damascus.
The handles of my kitchen cutlery are fabricated from laminated epoxy resin impregnated wood. This material is cut into thin sheets from oak, hickory, rosewood, walnut, etc. and then pressed into thick sheets under high pressure and temperature. The finished material is tough, durable, and beautiful. It doesn't warp, rot, or shrink. Resulting in a high-quality knive that is guaranteed for life.



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