Delores Fortuna • Galena, IL • Porcelain

Forming function is a dance, often a tug-of-war between thought and object making. Add to this dialogue the sheer joy of working clays as materially responsive as porcelain and surfaces only possible through glass fusion and a dynamic is created which has become a life-long fascination.

My work uses basic wheel thrown shapes as starting points; the clay wall defines both the silhouette of the form and records that time-event process of throwing. The clay wall becomes a fabric, a diary rich with gestural marks and intent. As a seamstress would cut and fold art cloth to make a garment, I use this clay fabric to shape utilitarian vessels.


The clays and glazes I use are often of my formulation; fired to stoneware temperatures (2374 F) in a gas reducing kiln vitrifying the porcelain clays and glazes. The surfaces are food safe, usable in dishwashers, microwaves and gas/electric ovens.


I divide my time between my studio in Galena and teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; allowing me to watch wild turkeys while I throw and still be able to share a lifetime of information with others.


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