Dale Divoky • Fairfield, IA • Ceramic Sculpture

Dale Divoky’s ceramic koi sculptures began with the support of a grant from the Iowa Arts Council. After completing a body of work, 18 koi were first displayed at the Des Moines Botanical Garden.

Since then his koi sculptures have been featured in galleries throughout the US.

Dale’s inordinate fascination with koi is based on the eloquence of nature, its silence and inherent dynamism of form and its relationship with color.  Each piece is hand made and individually unique.


The smaller (16’’- 18’’) koi begin by pressing clay into a plaster mold to establish a basic body shape then the fins and tail are made by hand and attached to the body.

There are no scales or eyes as to give the effect that the fish is swimming in water (as the water and the movement of the fish obscure the details). 

The colors of the koi are, in most cases, are based on actual koi.  Several glaze firings are required to achieve the desired result of fluidity and movement.


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