Creative Works by Casey & Shandi McConnell

Wilmington, NC Functonal Ceramics

I earned my BFA in Sculpture and Casey earned his BS in Natural Resources from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where we met 23 years ago! We moved to NC in 1999 and in 2000 we started our pottery business.

15 years later, a lot has changed but we still love what we do! We collaborate on most of our work but we definitely have individual “jobs” in the studio. I design, throw, slab build, and glaze pieces while Casey extrudes, slab build,s and keeps the studio running. 


We are busy little bees and over the past few years we've stopped doing art shows and had babies instead!

We have a 2 little boys: Myles and  Lennon. We quit shows to keep our sanity and stay home with them.

We both work when we can in the studio....taking turns and sometimes together if by some chance the kids nap at the same time which is rare :)  For 15 years we've been making pottery and jewelry for a living and we both love it!

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