Bekah Ash • Iowa City, IA • Oil Painting

I paint fictional characters with oil and acrylic on canvas, wood and collage papers.

I use the characters in my paintings to tell stories of interactions, isolation, memories and relationships. These figures are drawn from my imagination and don't represent live models.


Originally focusing on portrait pieces, I used oil on canvas to paint head and shoulder representations, relying on subtle expressions, color and composition to describe a scenario.  

These pieces are interpreted differently by different people due to the lack of information; the mood of a piece can easily change with it's setting and surroundings.

Additionally, I work on small collage pieces with thinned black oil paint to create quick studies of color and composition. These color studies serve not only as a different style to explore, but an excellent drawing exercise as well.

Heavy Headed Girl


Red Cap Girl with Fluttering Birds

More recently, I began working on plywood with acrylic paint. The characters in these pieces are drawn in a more illustrative style and depict a definite setting, giving me more control over interpretation.

I live in Iowa City with my family and teach art to elementary school kids. I graduated from the University of Iowa.



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