Ali Kauss Loganville, WI Sterling Silver

Jewelry is my form of communication. Each piece is unique. Expressing individuality and grace, while providing a sense of enjoyment and a feeling of nobility, my pieces are created as a celebration of life and the natural world.

Leaves. Sticks in a pile. Vines twisting, ferns spiraling outward. A hole in the ground. Ripples across water. The swirls of an ocean tide, wrinkles and ridges of tree bark. Circles, spirals and ovals. A bird's nest, an egg.

My jewelry echoes these images and is a vehicle for connecting to the magic of Nature. The pieces are symbolic manifestations of prayer, a record of my involvement, observation and attachment to organic life forms.


My passion for metalsmithing is a ceremonious act and the ceremony continues each time the pieces are worn.

I handcraft each piece using the techniques of soldering, cutting, fusing, forging, reticulating, chasing, repousse, and lots of hammering. Each step is performed intuitively, following the guide of the material.

New metals are mixed with ones from the "scrap" pile, indulging in spontaneity and fun.



Marks enhanced with patina reveal evidence of the tools used, and provide layers of depth symbolizing the wisdom in natural simplicity, as well as the balance between chaos and calm.

After many years of hunting, Ali, husband Don and their two children put down roots on a 116 acre farm just north of the River Valley in Wisconsin. Here they work and strive toward fulfilling their dream of operating an artistic retreat. The Bricolage, set in the beautiful rolling hills of the area, provides ample room and studio space for artists to work and connect to the natural environment.


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