Tyler David Potosi, WI • Wooden Candlesticks

Tyler David is an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He loves baseball and woodworking and began turning on the lathe at an early age in his Dad’s shop.  When Tyler was 12 years old he made a candle holder for his church parish art show.  "I didn’t know you shouldn’t color on the wood, but I used my crayons for coloring it.  People loved it and I just kept making and selling more."


Each piece has a different shape and color chosen using a color wheel that his father gave to him to help in the color selection process.

Tyler applies an oil based pigment to the wood while it’s still on the lathe and as the lathe turns, he presses a cloth onto the surface of the wood creating enough heat to bond the color to the wood imparting a rich luster to the surface.  

Each piece is signed, numbered and dated and comes with a candle. 






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