Rich Robertson • Dubuque, IA • Thrown Stoneware

My wife and I have been making pottery together since 1969, with each piece originating from our hands only. Personally, I have been making pots since junior high. Clay has always been at the root of our creative spirit. We believe in, and are committed to the integrity of the handmade item. If pottery is to qualify as art it needs to hold within it a series of problem solving solutions unique to each piece. No two conclusions or end results are ever the same. Therefore, each piece we make is unique and authentic.

Over the years I have enjoyed making many different things with clay. I have made pedestal sinks; fountains; Baptismal fonts; table, floor, and oil lamps; drums; tableware; and even a functional toilet. I need variety and dislike repetitive production.

Currently, my focus is on creating forms that begin with traditional techniques and transforming them into non-functional, non-traditional vessels named "non-pots" and "anti-platters." In making these "pots" I first conceive the form and then produce my conception.

Next, I evaluate that individual form, allowing a dialogue to begin between the shape and a surface design. Each surface design grows from within the form of the "pot" and is unique to that particular shape. I incorporate patterns I find anywhere but am particularly inspired by nature and industry. Many of my forms are highlighted with oxides, which enhances the natural quality of the clay.
Glaze is sometimes used and often "shaved" from high areas, accenting the low or cut areas. The completed forms are fired to cone 10 in a hand-constructed reduction gas kiln. This results in a vitreous clay body that is water tight with or without a glaze. The scale of work my work ranges from 4" to over 4' tall.


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