Linda Lewis • West Des Moines, IA • Ceramic Sculpture

Recently I read a phrase that confirmed what I have tried to convey and live up to when I portray the idea of a person in clay. Leonardo, in 1490, described the portrait as a vehicle for expressing "the motions of the mind." I am interested in observing people-the way they tilt their head, hold their body, & express themselves. I also listen to what they say-what seems to be important to them, what troubles them, what brings them happiness.


I may take characteristics of several people and put them together in one piece. For me the pleasure comes when the clay, that starts as a clump, comes alive--when it flows, dances, sings and crackles with life. I like letting my intuition suggest a movement or texture. When I go in a direction not knowing where it may lead.

For some pieces I like taking chances with surfaces and line within the piece. I incise the wet clay with textures & sometimes words. With other pieces I may texture the piece using mostly glaze & surface applications. In essence each piece becomes their own creation and hopefully exudes their own energy.

I hope the viewer looks at these pieces I have created and sees a piece of themselves. That somehow I have captured the "motions of their mind."

Obsessive Reader Shelf-Sitter


Looking Forward to an Interesting Life


The sculptures are coil built using stoneware or another type of high fire clay. Large coils are pressed together using the hand and a rib (metal or wooden tool) is used to fuse the coils together and to smooth the surface. Some details are added and textures are applied with a variety of common objects.

Surfaces are varied but include low fire underglazes or glazes, oxides and slips, then fired at low temperatures-often several times. A black overglaze is added to some pieces with glaze applications. The overglaze settles into the cracks. Parts of the black overglaze is sprayed off leaving a worn, crackle finish.


Head Vessels


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