Kyle Martin • Rock Springs, WI • Oil Painting

Painting outdoors, from life, is exciting to me because I enjoy immersing myself in the landscape.

I grew up farming in Wisconsin. I now live on the farm that my father and grandfather worked, which has been in our  family for over 100 years.

Painting is my way to spend  time creating in the places that are important to me.  My work is inspired by my area, and the people who make it special.


I am interested in painting the light. I am constantly asking myself, “what is the light doing?”.

Our lives are deeply impacted by the weather. We go to the beach or make hay when it is sunny, we bundle up in the winter, and we stay home when it is raining.

I aim to understand the way that light and atmosphere affect what we are seeing.

I work very hard to look with an open mind, and get my information to paint from by the color harmonies that are as unique as every day.

Queen Anne's Lace
oil on canvas


oil on canvas

When I have found a location that I would like to paint, before setting up my easel, I make a few small compositional sketches.

These small works help me to simplify the landscape, and allow me to quickly find out what I want to say about my experience of  the place.

I place these large shapes of color on the canvas quickly and then work back into the broad shapes with smaller shifts. This allows me to tell a color story of the specific day.


Spring Light Creamery
oil on canvas




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