Kathy Furda Rhinelander, WI Lamp-worked Glass

Lamp-worked beading is an ancient art that has recently enjoyed a revival. The work is made over a torch and involves melting glass rods over a metal rod then reworking the glass into art forms. The range of color, style, glass, precious metals or inorganic materials that can be used is unlimited and therefore very exciting as a creative medium. 

My interest in glass art stems from the freedom of expression and creativity this medium affords.


From a beginners class at a local college, to an advanced class in bead making, I have continued to express my artistic tendencies in my own way. I am largely self-taught, relying on books, trial and error, and hours of practice. 

The designs are my own and have been drawn from a variety of places, but probably mostly from nature. 


Building on the colors of the natural world and finding them again in the colors of glass or their combinations is an excitement all its own. And the challenge of trying to place specially pleasing forms in the confines of glass is most satisfying. 

I became interested in lamp-worked beads in 1994 and have attended classes in New York and Arizona. 


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