John & Robin Davis • Alpine, TX • Raku Ornaments & Rattles

Living in far west Texas has had a profound effect on John Davis' pottery. The rugged beauty and history of the Big Bend region helped inspire John's raku line. Inspiration comes from both the mounta inous beauty, and the rich history associated with the area. 

Your purchase helps support a traditional trade in the small and geographically isolated town. Alpine is in the same area as Big Bend National Park and Marfa. It is a remote area with limited employment opportunities.

Owning any business is a challenge here, but the distance to art shows and our tiny population makes it especially difficult for artists. Many of the formerly unskilled artisans who have worked for us through the years, picked up experience that allowed them confidence to create, exhibit and sell their work. 

The raku firing process originated in Japan, but the rustic look creates the essence of an ancient civilization, like an artifact unearthed from a primitive Indian camp ground around the Rio Grande riverbed. 


An innerSpirit Rattle fits in the palm of your hand. You will feel an instant emotional connection to its beauty, its texture, and its small size, but it is the music you’ll make with it that may nurture your strongest connection. 


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