Dennis Peterka • Waverly, IA • Oil Painting

For me, the process of art making is an adventure with the media. Sometimes that process is directed by specific imagery and other times I let the media suggest the painting's direction---sort of a subconscious to conscious ordering. In either case, I find it always amazing when a work is finished.

Or, is it ever finished?

I find the results with the media exciting, invigorating, frustrating, surprising, maddening, and wonderful.


abstract painting

Cuestra, oil on canvas

When I step back and look at my work I often wonder, how did I do that? Where did that come from? It is so important to watch what is happening during the process of making art. Things appear in a work that are not planned that become beautiful, important additions.

The media has a will of its own that we/I need to respond to and accept or reject as being a part of the composition. In other words, we need to pay attention.


My new work continues to be mostly process oriented.  They are more minimal where the space is less fragmented although the surfaces have become heavier, more dense. 

Imagery continues to be less important then the overall feel/mood of the painting. 

I prefer to suggest the imagery to allow the viewer his own unique interpretation.

abstract painting

Russet Range, oil on canvas


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