Dan Schuster • Cedar Rapids, IA • Wood Assemblage


A discarded shipping pallet or lumber scrap to most folks is simply just that--scrapes of lumber. But for Dan, it's the beginning of a new creation. He looks past an ordinary piece of wood and recognizes what it might become. His sculptures reflect the values of American folk and outsider art through a whimsical point of view.


He has a unique and instinctive feel for the use of texture, form, and design. Schuster's own brand of dry humor is added through short one-liners, topping off each of his pieces.

Schuster's work reflects that of child's imagination -- simple and honest. Working mainly with reclaimed wood from old homes and borrowing from the theories of Japanese aesthetic principles (Wabi-Sabi), he incorportates imperfections and natural marred finishes. His intent is to keep true to the wood's natural found state. The "refined unrefined" as he puts it.


Wabi-Sabi suggests qualities such as impermanence, asymmetry, and imperfection. It is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and celebrates the natural cracks and marks that time, weather, and use leave behind. In keeping with the material Schuster uses, he maintains the rough, uneven variegate and worn textures, allowing for the appearance of an unimpeded natural process.


An Iowa native, Dan attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and majored in art with an emphasis in graphic design and art history. Shortly following graduation, Dan took up artistic residence with Galt Sand Co., developing apparel graphics of NCAA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, later becoming a designer for Starter Athletics.

He is currently the principal founder and design director of Design Trust, a design boutique in Cedar Rapids that specializes in uniquely designed brand solutions for startup and established companies.


In addition to Schuster's work as an artist and graphic designer, he is an art director and designer as well, including a brief stint in the acting world, appearing as a guest artist on HGTV's, "That's Clever".

His work can be seen in several locations in Iowa. Commissioned pieces and specialty work are available.


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