Bridget Donahue • Excelsior, MN • Stoneware Sculpture

For the last 20 years Bridget Donahue has been a professional potter, working in high fire stoneware, soda and raku and taking her wares to art fairs and festivals around the country.

Donahue and her husband Paul are booth owners in the marketplace section of two of the country's largest Renaissance Festivals; one in North Carolina and one in Minnesota.

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During a recent stay at one of these fairs, they were asked to develop a participatory program to involve customers and introduce them to the raku method of firing pottery. In the course of this project, Donahue developed a wonderful palette of juicy, high color glazes that they used for this undertaking, but unfortunately did not have the time to employ it with their own ceramics.


The invitation to participate in a show here in Dubuque lined up with a quiet time in their hectic show schedule. And now here, for the first time, Donahue presents new raku fired stoneware whimsical houses and decorative vessels using a mix of traditional raku glazes along with her new glazes.

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